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About Me

Hi there!

I’m Ivaylo [Ivo] Ivanov. I’m an IT oriented person working in server virtualization field. I’ve been breathing VMware for the past 7 years, working with many products from their portfolio. Even though majority of my IT career was on the Ops/Engineering side, I always enjoy writing scripts. I guess it’s safe to say that I’m quite interested in programming, probably ever since I finished university (where actually this was may major, but somehow I tried to get around it).

I’m extremely happy that since 2017 I joined <strong>Runecast</strong> . A startup, founded by a group of crazy smart people and also amazing friends! This makes me part of a software company where I learned A LOT new stuff. Hell, I even have committed some (simple) JAVA code which is running in production. On daily basis I’m taking care of the virtual infrastructure, exploring new technologies and helping developers to be more productive in every way I can.

Things you can hear me say during my work time include, but not limited to: vmware, git, sdk, api, java, powershell, bash, jenkins, postgres, tomcat, jira, confluence, script, workflow, scrum, apt, ssh, “do you hear me now?” (while WFH).