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Hello World

Hello World!

This is my first post using Hugo and written only using the command line. It’s going to be fun!

This is actually being hosted completely for free using GitHub Pages. Of course, it supports custom domains, so basically if you have your own domain name you don’t even need to pay for and maintain hosting system. I’m still exploring Hugo, the themes and how to set up menus etc. For upcoming posts I’ll probably switch to using VS Code with some markdown plugin. It should make it a bit easier to write and edit.

Despite the public repository where I’m pushing the rendered site, I’m also tracking changes of the pure content and Hugo settings in a separate private repository. I can safely say that once you understand the concept, it makes quite a lot of sense and is easy to use.

That would be it for the first post. I’m going to figure out how to use menus and then add more pasts. Cheers!