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  • 100 Days of Code - Challenge Completed!

    Day 100 of #100DaysOfCode It’s a little hard to believe but I DID IT! A hundred days, at least one hour per day working on my coding skills. Was it difficult to keep up? Sometimes yes. Besides normal things like having a bad day or not in a mood to code, during this challenge I had to handle other things like:

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  • 100 Days of Code

    I was having the 100daysOfCode challenge page opened in my browser for about a month before I actually decided to start. It might be a late Sunday evening decision, but I feel finally ready to start this commitment! This is going to be totally new experience for me, but since it’s something I really want to do I think I’ll enjoy the ride.

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  • About Me

    Hi there! I’m Ivaylo [Ivo] Ivanov. I’m an IT oriented person working in server virtualization field. I’ve been breathing VMware for the past 7 years, working with many products from their portfolio. Even though majority of my IT career was on the Ops/Engineering side, I always enjoy writing scripts. I guess it’s safe to say that I’m quite interested in programming, probably ever since I finished university (where actually this was may major, but somehow I tried to get around it).

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  • Hello World

    Hello World! This is my first post using Hugo and written only using the command line. It’s going to be fun! This is actually being hosted completely for free using GitHub Pages. Of course, it supports custom domains, so basically if you have your own domain name you don’t even need to pay for and maintain hosting system.

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